Harry Potter T-Shirts

Client: Puffer Threads

Puffer Threads is a company who's mission is to create awesome stuff. Stuff that tells a story. Stuff that expresses who you are to the world.

It is a very big goal.

How do they get all that awesome stuffed into one normal sized shirt?

That is the magic of Puffer Threads.

It all starts by employing dozens of unicorns, grazing majestically in a field of marshmallows trees. Our artists wander among the grand beasts, waiting for inspiration to come. Notepad in hand, each idea quickly takes shape into a garment worthy to be worn by any man, woman or child.

(From there they just, you know, stick it in the computer and have a shirt made. They ship it in the normal mail, just like your other stuff. No magic there.)

But, when you receive an item from Puffer Threads, you will behold the greatness. As you wear each item, others will behold the greatness. When you area ready to wash the item, you can follow the instructions on the tag. No greatness will be washed out.